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Math & Logic DIY Quick learner Advance english Non-violent Communication Group Management Collaborative Work Conflict Resolution Easy of speak Creativity

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About me

Since very young, my love for puzzles made me chose an engineer path, ending up stuying Math and Computer Science. My emphathy, sociability and living on the edge of global collapse made me volunteer, in parallel, on social work. Till the point where I abandoned big companies and started to choose to work with projects with social purposes and change some habits: I became a cyclits, a teacher, a vegan, a cooperativist and an activist...
And here I am, hacking for good

My Dev journey

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%%{init: {'theme':'forest'}}%% gantt dateFormat YYYY-MM axisFormat %Y section Backend, DBs and Devops CCD :active, ccd1, 2019-10, 2022-06 section Consulting Devops AWS NXT :active, nxt1, 2020-05, 2022-06 section Web & Data Mining Sertech :done, ser1, 2018-10, 2019-09 section Cartographic Demo OnuMujeres :done, onu1, 2018-09, 2018-10 section Web & UX Borde Político :done, brd1, 2018-04, 2018-10 section Fullstack web Kinit :done, knt1, 2017-06, 2018-04 section CTO & CoFounder Vientos.coop :active, vts1, 2016-04, 2020-01 section Software Engineer Mextra (NL) :done, mxt1, 2014-08, 2016-04 section Backend and DB SPS :done, sps1, 2012-05, 2014-08 section Intership - Web HP :done, hp1, 2011-01, 2011-12 click ccd1 href "/#/ccd" click nxt1 href "/#/nxt" click ser1 href "/#/ser" click onu1 href "/#/onu" click brd1 href "/#/brd" click knt1 href "/#/knt" click vts1 href "/#/vts" click mxt1 href "/#/mxt" click sps1 href "/#/sps" click hp1 href "/#/hp"

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